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Oil Change with Tire Rotation

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Signs That You Need Your Brakes Checked

You know how to check your car’s other vital systems–oil, tire air, and gas–but what about the brakes?


The trouble with brakes is that they can fail anytime. Depending on the type of driving conditions they have been exposed to, their wear rates can drastically differ, too.

Checking your brakes periodically is extremely important

Checking your brakes periodically is extremely important

Checking your brakes periodically is extremely important

Brakes may not be the most appealing part of a car, but they’re certainly one of the most crucial. Paying attention to the warning signs that indicate a need for service can mean the difference between life and death on the road. Checking your brakes periodically is extremely important. Remember to bring your car in for a free vehicle life screening. Call “Bobby Betz Transportation” today for an appointment at (704) 606-0989

How often should I check my alignment?

Have you ever wondered “how often should I check my alignment” or “what happens if I don’t get my wheels aligned?” These are great questions and what some people don’t know is that vehicles can lose their alignment very easily. Simply running over a pothole, hitting a curb, or even bumping a parking concrete stall can knock your alignment out. Tires that aren’t properly aligned will wear out much faster costing money that an alignment could have helped you save.  We recommend having your alignment checked every other oil change or 6000 miles. Bobby Betz Transportation, Inc state of the art alignment machine makes checking you’re alignment quick and simple, best of all, it’s a free service that we perform with our complimentary vehicle inspection.

How to Test Drive a Car

test drive

According to a recent study a large majority of people either forgo a test drive or do it very minimally. I find it strange that people will spend hours trying on clothes but not seriously try out the second most expensive purchase they make. Here are some tips that I have given my clients over the years on how to get the most out of your test drive.

Pre-trip vehicle inspection and safe driving tips

Pre-trip vehicle inspection

*Pre-trip vehicle inspection: Inspect your vehicle; check all your fluids, rear and front signal lights, wipers, and headlights. Using an accurate tire gauge check the tire pressure, and inspect all tires for irregular or significant tread wear. It is recommended that you refer to the tire and load placard for your vehicle, which is (depending on your vehicle) affixed to the inside vehicle door edge, glove box, inside the trunk lid, inside the fuel filler door, or you can refer to your vehicle owner’s manual. Always visit an expert tire dealer and mechanic for tire and vehicle maintenance. Never overload a vehicle with passengers or cargo such as suitcases, as this can affect the handling and stability of your vehicle, particularly in passenger vans. Refer to your vehicle owner’s manual, and be especially careful not to put more load on any roof rack than your vehicle is designed to carry.